Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My first digital story

Just finished a two-day workshop with Dr. Helen Barrett on Digital Storytelling. What an amazing experience! Learned all kinds of technical skills, how to record and upload audio, how to blend voice over and music tracks, and most importantly, how to use Microsoft Windows Movie Maker.

So here it is -- my first attempt -- available for viewing at the following link:


Looking forward to your feedback


  1. Great digital story and a wonderful tribute to your mom. Definitely tugged at our heart strings! I never met your mom and now I feel like a know a little bit about her. Thanks so much for sharing!

    This was a great workshop. I feel inspired to work with my wife to create a digital story of her mom since we got some great audio last year when Kale did his culture fair project!

    I'm looking forward to what our future holds with all the opportunities we have for great learning experiences and electronic portfolio creation. Exciting!

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  3. Whitney,
    I can hardly read this through my tears. What a beautiful tribute you have made to your Mom. She would be so proud of you. I miss her. I can't imagine how much you, Betsy, Geoff, Bill and your children must miss her. Thanks for doing this.
    Love, Barb

  4. Hey there, I think you did awesome. You definetly look a lot like your mom, there is no doubt about that. I think it's a courageous move to put all of your memories and feelings into a single video, but I'm impressed - nice job =)


  5. I first watched silently to absorb the whole artistic intent. Even then I shed a tear. I turned on the sound to hear this beautiful woman's history unfold through the storyteller's emotion. More tears. Nice job Whitney!

  6. Beautiful,reminds me of someone as fierce and dedicated. Hope you are as successful passing on to your children the drive and compassion she did to you. Very engaging story tell us more.